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8:46 a.m. - 2005-09-25
Motley Crue and hearing loss
Oh God my ears won't stop ringing! Motley Crue, Friday night. You've heard the song lyric "Louder than Hell"?? Well, let's just say it's appropriate in this instance. I can't hear shit and it's almost 9am Sunday morning. My old ass doesn't recall having this much trouble with prior concerts. Next time, I'm gonna be the geeky girl with beer running down her legs and ear plugs. Instead of just beer running down her legs. I spilled not one, but TWO $6.00 beers down my legs while dancing my ass off to Shout at the Devil! My knees look like the most popular of high school girls, as they were scraped, cut, and banged about on on the back of someone's chair all night long. Does anyone know a home remedy to make your ears stop ringing? Seriously? My coffee pot beeped this morning to let me know it was done, and I thought it was the goddamned tornado sirens going off again!! :-)

In other news fronts, have I mentioned yet that I'm officially on vacation? Oh yeah. I am. Have I rubbed that in enough?? Sorry to gloat, but I need a few days. Then I woke up this morning to the ass end of Rita's storm and can't figure out what the fuck to do today. Mmmm... I could repaint the kitchen. I could clean the bathrooms (eek!) I could sit here and surf the 'net and drink my coffee. I'll take number three, Alex, for $1000! My only goal for today is to shower before noon, and find something good for breakfast.

Alas, I didn't take my camera to the concert, so I have no footage of me and a friend participating in Tommy Lee's Boobie Cam (oh yeah, it was FILMED baby!) My breasts got more camera time than Chloe's last school recital. Whoo hoo! Here's to pretending to be 21 again, getting hammered, listening to really awesomely bad 80's metal bands and passing out in the back seat before we got home! Sorry Groovn-husband, but after 9 years of marriage... you should've KNOWN I'd pass out the instant my head hit the car seat!

But... kudos to Mick, Tommy, Vince, and Nikki. The show was great. Proving that Vince can still shriek and wail with the best of them. Tommy is still the lovable, kooky sex addict, Nikki still quite the energetic showman, and Mick still the slightly frightening, stoic headbanger.

Happy Sunday morning people! Maybe by tomorrow I will be able to hear again! An iris from the garden (before the storm) Me of course, back many moons ago when I could still hear. Chloe Violet, all hoochied up (courtesy of her Aunt Jade) and yes, those are their real names. Not a Bratz doll!



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