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9:31 a.m. - 2005-09-20
You can take the girl out of Mayflower....
Proof positive that you can take the girl outta Mayflower, but ... you know the rest:

Last night after dinner (I made breakfast for dinner!) Groovn-husband is standing at the sink rinsing dishes. I walk up behind and say, "Hey baby, I got egg in my teef, got any sperm to donate?"

Yes. I did.

Then, as I was on a roll comically speaking, after some post dinner political discussion, I stand up and in my best cheerleader voice shriek, "Bush! Bush! He's our man! If he can't do it... Well, don't be surprised."

I love it when my husband laughs at my lame ass jokes. It makes me feel good.

Last night my nephews, Gabe and Garrett, were Baptized. Standing out in front of the Catholic church, Chloe pipes up, "Mom, why aren't we Catholic?" Of course, all of Groovn-husband's side of the family look expectantly at me and I say, "Because Mommy and Daddy are atheists and we're looking forward to our inevitable eternal damnation." That shut those hyper-religious fuckers up for a bit. Now, didn't it?

Just kidding. I totally changed the subject. I may be crass, but not in front of the in-laws.

Go check out Divakitty's new diary. Leave her a note. But keep in mind, this is my 7 year old baby and if you use foul language or sexual innuendo, she might mistake your note for mine. Seriously, she loves to get notes so go NOW and leave a note for my baby. I mean it. Seriously.

Looking forward to next week because next week I'm on VACATION!!

We're going to the Motley Crue concert Friday night. Then I think I'll repaint my kitchen (fourth time's a charm!) and then we're going camping. Mmmm... smores and beer. I'm so amped.

In the mean time: Happy Tuesday!



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