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8:59 a.m. - 2005-09-14
Rain rain go away...
Wednesday morning.

Right after coffee, and suck-ass diet pill, and oatmeal.

This morning it rained balls outside. The drive to work (all five minutes of it) was spent hunched over the steering wheel, face all screwed up in concentration, chain-smoking with the window cracked while gusts of wind blew smoke and ash and water in my hair. Made pleasant by Trent Reznor screaming in the background about animal sex. It was fun.

Last night I got my new super-special widescreen version of Dell's 20 inch flat screen monitor in. Only days away now from



TO Surf

P0rn at H0me

Because my office computer has so many blocks and shit that I can't even go bra shopping at Vicky's Secret with that damned annoying "access restricted" screen blaring in my face.

Have I mentioned I found a cure for PMS? Chocolate cake and a new computer. :-)

Enuf said.



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