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9:05 a.m. - 2005-09-13
PMS Tuesday!
Normally I get a pms headache. Instead today I have a pms neck muscle spasm, causing my head to pull slightly to the left. (my left, not yours) and I look like a goddamned Jerry's kid.

If that offends anyone, then don't read my fucking diary already!

Today is Tuesday and I'm already ready for Friday. I have one and a half weeks until vacation. I'm x-ing off the days on my calendar in a bright blue pen. Anxiously anticipating an entire week of not doing a mother fucking thing. Except for painting my bedroom and going camping. Both things that I enjoy. We're gonna let little Groovn-child skip a few days of school to take her to Blanchard Springs Caverns. I figured what the fuck, it's an educational experience. You get to take an elevator down into this HUGE cave full of giant stalagmites and stalatites and GREAT BIG HEAPING PILES OF BAT GUANO!!!

What else could a child want out of a camping trip?

Last year, we met up with some bad ass raccoons that actually figured out how to unlock our ice chest, open a rubbermaid container full of bacon and eat it. But, the little bastard couldn't get the tupperware open. He (or she) (or grammatically correct 'it') drug that big tupperware bowl halfway through the forrest. It also ate two bags of marshmallows. Poor thing, a few pounds of bacon and all those marshmallows probably made it puke.

Did you know that raccoons rooting around in your camp at night sound an awful like wild pigs? We have wild pigs in Arkansas. Hellooo, football team is called the Razorbacks people?!! Anywhoo, that goddamned raccoon scared the wholly fuck out of me.

short side note: I can really, really tell I have pms as every single curse word I type is done with glee.




Bitch hell cock cunt pussy ass motherfucking goddamned shit whore crap.

Only my 7 year old thinks crap is a bad word. So I threw that one in there last.

Anywhooo... camping. Yeah uh.. it'll be fun.

Happy PMS Tuesday fuckers.



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