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4:34 p.m. - 2005-08-10
much about nothing. really.
My horoscope said today was a good day to be introspective and possibly write. I don't know if I'm feeling the whole writing thing. I am fresh out of ideas, that little tirade I started a few days ago about my conversion to atheism has lost its fire. I didn't have time to finish my rant, so now I'm just not feeling it anymore. I don't believe in creationism, end of story.
Groovn-husband is leaving for Vegas on Friday. Friday is our 9 year wedding anniversary. (yep, we got married when I was just a baby!!! :-) Doesn't that suck a big, fat, hard one? Or not, considering my hard one will be miles and miles away. On the bright side, we went away for the weekend to Eureka and it was fun. We rented this cutesy little log cabin that is totally NOT my style, but I did it for the indoor 4 man hot tub in our bedroom and the king sized bed. Hell, it was our anniversary for chrissakes! I can live with a little knotty pine and hunter green.
I bought myself the cutest little pink leather purse for my anniversary present. Groovn-husband and I have gotten in the habit recently of buying our own gifts. Like, for example, I will go to the mall and blow a couple of hundred dollars and come home with all of my loot, grinning like a fool, and scream, "LOOK what you bought me for our anniversary????!!!" It usually works. Great idea, huh?
Then he does the same, but more frugally. and his purchases are usually books, comic books, art supplies or porn. God, I love my geek boy artist. He's hot too.
Are you jealous yet?
Okay, so I read the Sophie Kinsella book, "Confessions of a Shopaholic" and I feel SOOOO much better about myself afterward. I'm not as bad as the main character in that book! Not yet!!!!
Check it out if you enjoy that fluffy genre. I really enjoyed it!! (disclaimer: by 'fluffy genre' I mean that this book is not for the militant, goth, black-wearing, taking themselves too seriously type of gal. You can still be intelligent and like the book, you just need the ability to suspend that intelligence for the few hours required to knock that book back and giggle a little! also goes well with Cosmopolitans with extra lime)

I've been considering getting lipo. Seriously considering it. I have been faithfully huffing it to the gym 2-3 times a week for an hour each time, watching what I eat, and cutting back on my alcohol AND chocolate, but I haven't lost one fucking pound in a month! What the fuck??!!! Can I bitch a little? Please?
I have been making dinners with lots of lean meats and fresh vegetables, cutting back on coffee and drinking caffeine free, diet drinks. I also drink on average six 20 oz. bottles of water daily, and I floss my teeth too! I take fiber. I take vitamins. I drink green tea. I combine 25 minutes of cardio with 30 minutes of toning every gym trip. I quit eating mayonnaise and switched to mustard. I quit eating cheese on my sandwiches. I cut back to almost NO potato chips and instead eat little cherry tomatoes on the side of my lunch. My poor daughter hasn't had anything homemade and baked and dripping with cheese or chocolate for 30 days. Why the hell can't I atleast lose a pound then? I even went to Walgreens and bought these really horrid diet pills that make me shaky and cranky and mean.
FUCKITY FUCK FUCK! I need words of encouragement, and a hot bath with a cold beer, and my 18 Essential Songs by Janis.

Happy Goddamned Wednesday.



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