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11:04 a.m. - 2005-06-27
Feeling industrious? I HAVE been!
This weekend, not once did I have to work out. YAY! That's because I did so much more that just and hour of Taebo, that I deserved a rest. Saturday, I spent the morning cleaning my house. Then, made lunch for the munchkin, and did the grocery shopping, picked up meds from the pharmacy, ran a few more errands, then I took Groovn-husband and Chloe out for an early dinner. After dinner, Groovn-husband napped on the couch, while Chloe and I walked to the park and played for an hour. Then we came home and played in the sprinkler for another hour. (good Mommy, aren't I?) Bath time, story time, bed time, then Miller time!!

Sunday came around and started out peacefully enough. Then I made the mistake of turning on home improvement shows rather than cartoons, so I ended up spending all Sunday afternoon working in the yard. $150 worth of new flowers and mulch and my flower beds are absolutely GORGEOUS!! At least until I kill all of the plants I bought. I planted hydrangeas, and heather. I also bought some type of giant gerber daisies that are about three feet tall. I can't remember the name on the little card, but they claimed to be heat resistive and had a 1 year guarantee. If I kill these, I will be pissed off! They were $16 a piece!!! But, they look lovely. I also bought eight little grasses that bloom spikey little blue flowers as well. Once again, the name escapes me. As soon as I go gold, I'll post some photos. Hopefully before everything dies. :-)

You should see my biceps. I'm getting BUFF!!



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