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10:09 a.m. - 2005-06-16
I really should be working right now, but alas, I'm so fucking NOT!

Was that drama for you first thing in the morning or what? :-) It's only Thursday yet, I am already eagerly comtemplating the weekend and the chores that it will bring. Last week, Groovn-father-in-law came over with his big, giant truck and a big, giant chain and helped Bill rip out 30 years worth of holly bushes from the ENTIRE RIGHT SIDE OF OUR HOUSE. Who in the right mind would plant those ugly, prickly things? So now I have naked flower beds to fill. Isn't that exciting??? I've been shopping for flowers and bushes and trees. I'm thinking beautiful red Japanese maple at the corner of the house, but I haven't quite got the rest of it mapped out yet. I have a red maple in the backyard that I love, but I gotta tell you, if those things don't get enough direct sunlight, they don't turn red. and.. umm... green Japanese maples look like marijuana plants. My across the street neighbor is an officer of the law, so I definitely don't want to give the appearance that Bill and I cheef it up on a regular basis or anything. I can just picture that little scenario:
Officer Neighbor, "Hey what's that green plant growing in your front flower bed?"
Me, "Uuumm, a little maple tree???"
Officer Neighbor, (while drawing his weapon) "Get down you drug smoking whore! DOWN DOWN DOWN!!!

I'd never be able to live that down. My daughter would be crying, my husband would just stand there and laugh his ass off.

Uh, yeah, I have a vivid imagination sometimes. I also haven't smoked anything illegal in over 5 years. Even then I NEVER INHALED!!

Did I mention I also used to wear a lot of tye-dyed clothing and rope sandals? Doesn't that make you want to giggle a little? I know it does me. I was a psuedo-hippie chick with GREAT BIG HONKING 80'S HAIR!!!

I love my Metallica and my Simon and Garfunkle equally.

Still do, actually.

Okay, I can see this entry is going nowhere. I just have no direction this morning. Lack of caffeine is my story, and I'm sticking to it!

Here's to Thursday morning weekend antici.............. pation!



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