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3:18 p.m. - 2005-06-14
what happens at the lake, stays at the lake
My brain is in the process of exiting my skull. OUCH!!!
I have had a monster headache since this past weekend's three day festival of debauchery. You haven't heard about it yet?? Oh, well, hell, let me fill you in!
Friday night was Shari's plate party at the Flying Saucer. For those of you who are members of the unwashed masses and have never BEEN to the Flying Saucer, First of all, I'm sooo sorry for you! Secondly, it's a bad imitation of a pub-like atmosphere with a huge selection of beers from all over the world. There are also awesomely groovy jumbo soft pretzels and a garlic/jalapeno/grilled chicken pizza that is so good it makes me cry a little. Or that might be the jalapeno. Anywhoo... you join the 'club' and from then on, you keep track of all the different beers you have consumed. Once you hit 200 different beers, they give you a party and hang a plate on the wall with your name and city/state on it. Shari was on her 2nd plate. My friend has consumed 400 different beers at the Flying Saucer. It was her goal in life. Fuck, I mean, I didn't even realize there were 400 different types of beer. I'm sure somewhere deep down I knew but I've always been a conservative beer drinker. I don't like the ones with the big thick head (insert Beavis and Butthead chuckle here) and I don't want the bitter Asian shit, and I don't like some of the fruity flavored American attempt at upscale home brew shit either!


Beer, garlic chicken pizza, beer, beer, beer, some kind of drinking game with a deck of cards, more beer, sex, a little more beer and 5 hours later I wake up with one hell of a hangover.

That was Friday night.

Saturday morning I roll out of bed, help Aunt Jade pack my baby's bag, and ship the kid off to cousins in Oklahoma for a few days. Dude, these cousins have a FUCKING PONY! and a pool. Chloe was riding high bitches! So I'm not being neglectful of my daughter while the drunk-fest continues. And it does. Continue I mean.
Saturday: shower, goddamn brush teeth twice where is the cat that shit in my mouth last night while I was sleeping??? try to blow dry hair--not gonna happen--put on shorts, grab bathing suit, beach towel, and toothbrush, and head to the lake. I spent 2 glorious days on the lake in a boat, with over three coolers full of beer and something called "snake juice" that I'm pretty sure is responsible for my headache. after three days later....

It was bliss! I have tan lines for Christsake!!!!

I want to do it again next weekend.

Peace out bitches.
I'll update more later.
Next time, with MORE NUDITY!
and scuba diving.



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