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2:54 p.m. - 2005-05-03
My little Buddha!
I totally heart my new deep green, Jade Buddha that lovely Groovn-husband brought back to me from China. I have it sitting on my desk and I just keep rubbing his little belly all day long for good luck. It weighs fifty thousand pounds and with what he spent on it I could have a gorgeous new 5 mega-pixel digital camera that I've been eyeing for Mother's Day, but I don't care. I'm all about the karma bitches. Screw technology when you can have a little dose of smiling Nirvana sitting on your desk. It just makes me want to giggle a little.

Seriously though, I'm completely considering meditation as a means of stress relief. I take St. John's Wort, I do Taebo, I take long, hot baths with cold bottles of beer, smelly girly bath salts, and a loud cd of Janis for some atmosphere, but NOTHING seems to work.

So I'm thinking about googling some books on meditation to see if I can't find my own happy place. Plus, I've been really interested in learning about religions lately. I am an atheist, but religion has always been a fascination subject for me. Gimme a couple of frosty beverages, mention the existence of a god, and watch Ang climb up on that soap box! I'll even take a bow when I'm done.

One of my favorite quotes EVER is "Religion is the opiate for the masses" (that might be christianity is the opiate... I forget) Either way works for me. I don't subscribe to opium. I don't require belief in a benevolent god to feel my life has some sort of meaning. Plus, once I got off the fence and decided once and for all I was definitely an atheist, I can TOTALLY say goddamn with immunity.


Well, I'm thirsty so I'm gonna get a drink and rub little buddha some more.

Anyone else find the irony in that?



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