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10:14 a.m. - 2005-02-23
Hooray for trampolines!!!
I'm such a proud Mommy today!
My daughter, beautiful, intelligent, daughter, has learned to spell 'government' and 'reservation' and 'republican' and 'Native American'. Dude, she's in the first grade. She is 7 YEARS OLD!!! I don't remember spelling shit like that until 3rd grade. She's in an advanced reading/spelling group with 4 other little kids, so I'm assuming this is not the normal learning materials of a first grader. So, therefore, I must brag. Totally, unashamedly BRAG!!

Whoo hoo, go Chloe, it's your burfday....

Yep, I'm a geek like that.

In other news fronts: I have rediscovered the endless joy of trampoline jumping. My two sisters chipped in and bought Chloe a trampoline for her birthday. It's got that big safety net thing wrapped around it, so I didn't freak out too badly. (Oh God! The ER visits we had as children, because we JUMPED ON TRAMPOLINES WITH NO NETS!) So the other night, Chloe wants to go jump. Dinner is done, homework is done, our back yard is fitted with a large security light, so I tell her, "go for it".
Then I realized, hmmm... Maybe I can skip a night of Taebo, if I go jump on that trampoline for a while. Then groovn-husband thought hmmm.... if SHE'S not Taeboing, I'm sure as hell not. So all three of us ended up playing follow the leader and crack the egg for HOURS!!!!

When I was a kid, NO ONE, and I mean no one, could crack my egg. For those of you unfamiliar with the joys of this game, one person is selected to be the egg. That person sits indian style (back then it was not considered un-p.c. to say 'indian') in the middle of the trampoline, firmly grasping their ankles. The other jumpers then bounce around you AS HARD AS POSSIBLE trying to make you let go of your ankles. The strength with which I could hold my ankles must have been a foreshadowing of my high school extra-curricular activities. *figure that one our yourselves* Because I WAS THE UNCRACKABLE EGG!!!!

Do you know how my tiny, 7 year old daughter finally cracked me? Do you? DO YOU??? She faked an injury. She fell on her side, grasping her leg in seeming AGONY, so I let go of my ankles to check on my baby and she was FAKING IT!!!

Big, fat cheater, cheater pumpking eater.

I'll get you next time my pretty.. Just you wait Chloe.



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