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1:10 p.m. - 2005-01-17
Happy Birthday to me....
I am deeply ashamed.
I have been neglectful of my diary and for that I will assign my pennance. No beer for the next 5 days.
(wait, that would only be funny to people who actually KNOW me. I don't drink alcohol Monday-Friday. That's my time to be super-mom homework center and Taebo girl and little Mary-homemaker. Today is Monday, so the five day pennance would be until....) yeah, well, it was kinda amusing to me. Fuck off already!

On other news fronts:
YESTERDAY WAS MY BIRTHDAY! Jan 16th. I turned 31. Just think, I made it through my first year in the thirties without suddenly sprouting gray hair, crow's feet, or (more) cellulite. "In addition to the academy, I would like to thank Billy Blanks, Loreal, Neutrogena, and my hair stylist. I love you all."
pan in to Miss America wave...
fade to black

I got presents, a lots of friends came to drink with me on Friday at the Flying Saucer. Oddly enough, NONE of those selfish bitches bought me a beer. The next day I had Italian food and Tiramisu with my husband and daughter. I had birthday candles and presents... Then Sunday the in-laws cooked lunch and had cake and ice cream and MORE presents. And today at the office I had cake and MORE FREAKING PRESENTS!!

cha cha cha ching!

I *l*o*v*e* presents! With the bright wrapping paper, or dried flower covered gift bags. Tissue all pristine and unwrinkled. Just waiting for my greedy little paws to rip and shred until... bom bom booommmmmm: A ray of white light pierces through the gloom of fluorescent office lighting. Bathing me and my gift in an other-wordly glow. My eyes shine with glee and I know, at that moment in time, I was BORN for presents!!!!

Seriously dude, I'm not that fucking greedy. But close.

Happy Birthday to you all.. one day.



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