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3:29 p.m. - 2004-11-22
Christmas party-my crib
I really am feeling uninspired today. It's Monday, and even though we're only open through lunch on Wednesday, I'm just kinda tired. Bleck!

Last night, I did a very stupid thing! I volunteered to have the family Christmas party (one of them, anyways) at our house. Oh My Fuck! We're talking thirty-something people with about 10 kids thrown in to feed and exchange gifts and pretend we'll call soon even though everyone knows that I won't see or talk to your ass until the Christmas party next year.

See, this year, some of the 'grown-ups' decided to pass the gauntlet to some of the kids. Let them host the party. Take some responsibility. Bill and I were the only ones stupid enough to say yes. (and the only ones with dining and partying space large enough for that many people) So last night I stood outside on the patio, in the drizzling rain, chain smoking and muttering to myself over and over, "It'll be fun. No, REALLY! It'll be fun!" It's gonna be a Prozac kinda Christmas around my house. What the fuck was I thinking?

But seriously, It'll be fun.


I decided I could make some Christmas toddies (that's MY family's code word for a really hard core alcoholic beverages) before everyone brings their dirty shoes and their rug rats into my immaculate, gorgeously decorated home. Yeah, dude, that was like, totally a little braggin' there, but decorating is my PASSION! Everywhere I go it's always:




Colors clash....

Must offer to repaint.....

Send help please

My husband has learned to live with it. In three years I've redecorated my kitchen three times. But in that same time frame, I've managed to only do other rooms once or twice! Just whenever I get tired of looking at certain colors.

I completely got off the subject! Needless to say now, I'm very o.c.d. over my house. I like for everything to be 'just so' and fuck you if you don't like it! Use a goddamned coaster already! That doesn't make me crazy, just anal retentive. ummm... oh yeah: so there will be lots of people in my house. and I'm not happy about it.

But, It'll be fun, right?



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