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10:18 a.m. - 2004-11-18
Thursday Bloody Thursday.

Almost the weekend and dude, next week I like totally have a mo-fuckin 2 and a half day weekend! That's right, feel the envy people. My boss closes early the Wednesday before Thanksgiving too! Whoo the fuck hoo! I love long weekends. Because, you see, in my deep abiding fear of becoming an alcholic (like the rest of my family, except Mamal, God rest her soul) I only allow myself to drink on the weekend. But when the weekend starts on Wednesday, well... it's just a booze-fest for FOUR WHOLE DAYS!!!!!

*giggles maniacally*

Seriously, NO! I'm not a lush. I just play one on tv.

Bad joke, I know. But my husband is such a geek boy, and I'm picking up on all his geek-like tendencies.

OOOH! I'm baking pies for Thanksgiving! Homemade pies! Isn't that exciting? Chocolate meringue and egg custard. Those are my culinary contributions to the big feast. Oh yeah, and mashed potatoes.

I started making the mashed potatoes years ago, when Bill and I were newly married, poor, and I couldn't cook for shit. But see, I'm learning to cook (after 9 and a half years of starvation and eating out) so I want to show off a little. Ya know, uncover a dish and say "LOOK at what I can do!!!"

Unfortunately, no one in my husband's family seems impressed. I even took a photo of a BEAUTIFUL homemade peach pie I made. The crust was golden, flaky, buttery goodness and I peeled REAL GODDAMNED PEACHED for Chrissake! Only Bill and my daughter had anything to say. That was only a brief mm, good pie, as they were shoveling it in their faces! Bill still laughs every time he drags out the photo album. I think a pie that pretty (and don't forget peeling those peaches!) deserves the first page in the family album, don't you?

Okay, I really didn't mean to get off on a tangent regarding peach pie, but you should've SEEN it! Perfection in a little glass dish.



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