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3:11 p.m. - 2004-10-11
drinking debate game
Yeah, that whole debate drinking game... not such a good idea. Needless to say, 45 minutes into the debate, I was drunk and alternately screaming at my husband for being such a dumb, Ostrich head in the sand, Bush supporter, or crying because my husband was gonna vote for Bush even though I KNOW he's working his hardest to get the whole Roe vs. Wade thing overturned. Look at those tiny little footsteps he's been taking lately people? Legislation that makes it allowable to prosecute for violence against a fetus, Hello, people... he's trying to set a legal precendent showing when a fetus becomes viable!! Then the ban on the "partial birth" abortions. He's got his foot in the door and if Bush gets reelected, he'll be appointing 1 if not 2 new supreme court justices. THINK about that fucked up-ness!!! Kerry has already said (as did Bill Clinton) that should a justice retire during his 4 years, he will not upset the precarious balance that currently exists in the supreme court regarding abortion legality. Bush won't do that. Oh fuck, I hope Kerry wins. If not, I'm moving to Venice. Or Cancun. Or Dublin. Hell, right now I'll consider Vancouver.


And my husband is still mad at me. I told him Bush for No Bush. OR No Bush til Nov 2nd. mmwwhaa haa haa. Never say I'm not doing my part for my country.



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