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10:49 a.m. - 2004-10-01
My sister and the debate
My sister is such a total fucking psycho! She angers me on a deep, dark level that never gets aired. For the past 2 days, dear Groovn-sister has called me atleast 10 times crying. Crying and crying and then fucking crying some more. She ran out of her meds. She's depressed. Her life is shit. Her life is shit all because our mother is dead. So she calls me for sympathy, and I'm all like "HELLOOOO
bitch! My mother is dead too, but I don't blame her suicide on every little thing that goes wrong in my life" I know this sounds callous, somewhat hard-hearted. I DON'T CARE! If Erica so much as chips a nail, she blames it on our Mother. Oh God, why didn't my guaranteed 7-day no-chip ruby red polish chip after 2 days? I'm cursed because my selfish Mother swallowed too many pills one night and left me all alone. (chill out people-that was sarcasm. You recognize sarcasm don't you?)

You would think after more than 7 years since her death, Erica would find another excuse. Ya know, something that's been fucked up a little more recently. How about just good old fashioned pms? That always works for me!!

Damn, I sound mean. But this entry doesn't have any real heat to it. I honestly feel sorry for my sister. She's alone, and I have my husband and daughter. It's just frustration speaking right now. She won't let me help her, because she won't let me control her life. And I have to fix her. That's my own obessesive/compulsive problem.

But damn... if she'd just LISTEN to me! She knew her medication was running low. She waiting until she was out of drugs for 4 whole days before calling her doctor. Now whose stupidity is that?

'K, I'm done now. I won't discuss this any longer.

On other news fronts, did anyone watch the debate last night? Man, I did. I think Kerry did an excellent job of explaining to the public that he is NOT a flip-flopper or whatever trendy saying the media is feeding us today. Kerry's ability to reassess a problem with CURRENT data and reevaluate a proper solution is something our country needs. Bush is like a little fucking southern bulldog. He's got his teeth sunk into the bone of Iraq and by God and the Alamo, he's not letting go! Plus he has big ears and looks like a big dummy. ha!

After watching the debate, I asked Groovn-husband (an avid Bush supporter) if he got any new insight on Kerry, and if so, what's his decision still. He said and I quote, "Honey, I still think it's wrong to change horses mid-stream." aaaahhhhh! How can I love someone so stubborn! So I offered to give him a night of fantastic, mind-blowing, freaky sex if he'd vote for Kerry.

Needless to say, we both went to bed horny last night.

Have a wonderful Friday!!!



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