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10:13 a.m. - 2004-09-30
Much ado about shit.
Aaaahh... lovely work. O how I love thee on payday. The sun is shining, the phones are *not* ringing, and today I get paid! Hell, I even shaved my legs for the occassion. Kidding-not!
Shit, I'm broke as a pimpless, one-legged whore on Sunset Strip. I so want to go shopping! Where's my CHECK??? The fall weather that's finally starting to trickle down into Arkansas just brings out the happy little consumer in me! Mall, mall, I must visit you soon! I need sweaters and cords and all things colored pumpkin and chocolate brown! OOOH and BOOTS! We mustn't forget the boots! With purses to match. sigh. That makes me so happy deep down inside. I wonder if I can sneak outta here after the boss brings me money.

Probably not.

On other fronts, Chloe failed her hearing test at school. Now, I personally don't have a great amount of faith in her elementary school nurse. Last year, when they did B.M.I. testing, the stupid bitch couldn't even operate a scale and a tape measure properly! BUT... she did have trouble with tubes in her ears around age 2. But dude, seriously, I started whispering at her all night. and she ALWAYS heard me! In fact, she heard me when Groovn-husband didn't hear a damned thing! I think I need to take his ass to the ear specialist! Not Chloe. But of course Mommy made the kid all paranoid and shit last night. I was only joking about her "broke-down" ears. haha. But that in conjunction with all that whipering kinda freaked Chloe out. Too much for 6 year old to handle! Too much.
I gotta pee.



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