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12:33 p.m. - 2004-09-08
Fuck. I'm so melodramatic sometimes. I overact like William fucking Shatner macking on some blue bitch in an episode of Star Trek. or was she green? I just re-read my last entry to kinda 'see where I was at' when I last diaried. (is that a word?)

Regardless, I feel so uninspired sitting here in my pale gray office, listening to my co-workers bitch about the price of tea in China.

AND... I haven't read any other journals lately so today I decided check things out. I think Invicible girl called me a "crazy woman from Arkansas" Goddamnit! I'm not crazy. Yes, unfortunately I am from Arkansas. So I said I like man-whore Bill Clinton?! He's one of the most charismatic men we've had in the White House since Kennedy. Why the hell do you think he got away with all his bullshit and still came away from it all with a high public approval rating??? Oh, don't get me wrong, when Bill was sittin' in the Oval office, there were almost hourly arguments across the country regarding his abilities as a leader and the shame his indiscretions cast upon our great nation. (said very tongue in cheek) But who fucking cares? So he screwed some girl(s), probably had some people knocked off, weathered the whole Whitewater thing, scandalized the conservative uptight fuckers in this country regarding his gays in the military stance, and STILL to this very DAY is smiling and living it up high style. His wife didn't even leave him for christsakes!!! He's either got charisma, or a 12 inch penis. I guess only Hilary or Monica knows for sure. HuH?



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