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9:18 a.m. - 2004-04-07
Holy SHIT Batman! I'm growing up!
I have finally, three months post-birthday, come to terms with being 30. Everybody's heard that trite-ass saying about getting better with age... blah blah blah. I've also heard the really funny one "35 is when you finally get your mind together and your body starts to fall apart" Well, we'll see on that one in about 5 more years. ANYWAYS... What brought about this seeming acceptance is this: I actually had someone laugh at me the other day when I said I was shy. Really! Like laughing in disbelief and shit! I was surprised, until I got to pondering what this could mean. I did that whole mental "hmmmm" thing. My laughing peep said I was one of the most confident people she knows. Does that fucking rock or what?!?!? Go Angie it's yo birfday! Now, let me clarify something here, I have NEVER been Miss Confidentalwaysknowwhattosayextrovertedgirl. I've always been more like Miss LeavemethefuckaloneIdon'tknowwhattosaytoyoumotherfuckers. So you can see why I was both shocked and amazed at this statement!

I've always kept that mental image of myself as a gawky ass teenager with big hair and a heavy metal t-shirt on. Yeah Metallica kix ass! whoo hoo nostalgia! Okay, back to the point, when my girl made the comment about me, I really had to stop and reevaluate. I realized that I don't have a problem talking to people any longer. I have to somewhat speak in public frequently for my job and that doesn't freak me out. I can express my opinions without getting embarrassed and I haven't BLUSHED while talking to someone in a loooooong time. SO, HOLY SHIT BATMAN! I must be growing up.

I haven't decided if I like it or not.



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