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2:26 p.m. - 2004-03-08
the weekend
Okay, so I wasn't suffering from pms. It was just the fact that my husband is spending a week in Vegas "working" and I'm spending the week playing single mom. Damnit all! How do single parents cope? My weekend was totally fucking boring except for Sunday afternoon. Chloe and I spent all weekend at home, with the exception of the necessary grocery run. Oh yeah, Chloe was diggin it! Playing at home all day, no school, running around naked (she's only 6!) Eating junk food. I on the other hand went outside to have a smoke atleast 15 times. My normal daily cigarette ration is 8, 10 if I've been drinking. So 15 in one day left me with a soft rattling wheeze in my chest, and a strong desire to take another shower! Does that make me a bad parent? That I didn't just LOVE to spend the day enthralled over my 6 year old pushing around a Barbie car full of Scooby Doo dolls? Not my idea of a rocking weekend! But, on the bright side, we did play Operation (I got my ass STOMPED!) and slap jack, and then slap the queens, and slap the jokers, and go-fish. I drew the line at Hi Ho Cherry-o and turned on Nickelodeon. AAAAHhhh, tv, the best baby sitter.

Then I read some really good soft core porn. Why do I do this to myself when Bill is out of town?



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