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12:31 p.m. - 2004-03-05
the p to the m to the (fuck!) to the s. otherwise known as pms

I'm sure everyone has heard the joke why is the week before "that time of the month" called p.m.s.?? Because mad cow disease was already taken!!

Well fuck. My husband is flying out to Vegas this afternoon and I'm stuck at home doing the single mom thing all week with pms. Goddamnit all to fucking hell why the fuck didn't I stay in college and get a cool ass job? I don't know which foul word to scream first! fuckshitasscuntmotherfuckergoddamnitgodfuckingdamnitalltohell!

I feel a little better. I type waaay faster than I scream. Ironic huh?

Every little bastard that walks into our building glances in my office to see if I'm busy. NO I will not offer some 'good neighbor' service this afternoon. If you want a smile and some friendly assistance, take a goddamned number and I'm sure another associate will be with you soon.

Why do people automatically assume that just because you work in a service oriented industry that you are happy to listen to all their petty, mind-melting problems. They're all calling me today and going "oh oh, my roof is leaking" "my car was stolen" "oh my goodness, I think we have hail damage" I'm like, do I look like I give a shit? Go talk to someone who cares.


Words of advice to the younger:stay the hell in college.

A degree is the difference between doing something you like for good money, and doing something you love for great money!

I need a drink. Have a great weekend.



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