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9:48 a.m. - 2004-03-03
race day!
Race day race day! Whoo hoo. Boss is closing the office today to take us all to the horse races. So while the rest of the world toils away at work or school, I'll be at the track bettin on those little ponies to win mama some money! (not to rub this in anyone's faces.. I would not want to attract the bad karma!)

My daughter gave me the pick of the day: #4 race, the horse with pink on it. So, keep your fingers crossed and maybe just maybe I'll come home with a large bag of money. Doubtful, because I SUCK at gambling! I never had beginner's luck in Vegas. I once won $70 worth of nickels in a progressive slot machine. That's my big claim to fame. Unfuckingfortunately, I just can't seem to win.

That's okay really. I'm too cheap to gamble with big money anyway! (hence the remark regarding nickle slots)

So yall think about me today and keep your fingers crossed for me. Mama needs WAAAAAY more than a new pair of shoes.

and my daughter's tiny college fund is laughable.

rock out with yo' cock out!



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