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4:01 p.m. - 2004-03-01
Feeling groovy.

Walking on sunshine.

Tomorrow we can drive around this town. and let the cops chase us around.

Damnit man! It's sunny and 70 degrees outside and here I sit alone in my office staring out at the bright cigarette butt littered pavement and thinking.... what the fuck did I do to deserve a job such as this? But honestly, today isn't too bad. I mean, I had a dirty biker guy pull his pants down in my office for chrisfuckinsakes! But he was just going for the wad of bills so he could pay his insurance. Yep, I touched that money. It was damp too. He apologized for the amount of ones in his wad. Seems he went to a stripper joint last night and didn't blow his whole wad there. (pun totally freakin intended)

Mmmkay, so life is okay right now. Pretty cool. I have all of these cheesy ass 'happy' songs running through my head and all I wanna be is out on the highway with my top down and my sunglasses turning the world a vivid shade of blue. The wind warm, friendly in my newly cropped off hair. The feel of leather beneath my fingertips and the slight vibration of the engine humming through my body.

A song, any song, will do. Something sexual maybe like Nine inch Nails or old school Prince. Something that makes me wet. Something that makes me smile. Something that makes me just wanna keep drivin and drivin. Chain smoking ashes flying all over the place.

Until you hit a red light and the world comes falling back around you. Intruding into your zen-like existence with a ferocity. Suddenly I can smell exhaust from the other cars. The leather feels a little too hot, the music flat. Back to work. Back home to the mundane.


Mother in law coming for dinner tonight. Anyone want to take a ride instead?



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