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10:18 a.m. - 2004-02-27
Friday sweet Friday!
hallefreakinula! It's Friday. I don't got no job (that i like) I don't got shit to do (except the unlikeable job) so I'm gonna get you high. I love that movie. Don't get high, but still love that movie. Every time I come in the kitchen, you're in the kitchen. In the gotdamned refrigerator!

What an Oscar winning performance!

Okay, so last night I got my hair cut. I figured what the fuck, it's all falling out (doc says stress!!!) so I might as well get it CUT! So, the back of my hair is around an inch or so long, all sticking up in spikes, but I left the front chin length. It looks very funky, I love it. Tonight I'm dyeing it the color of a firetruck. Won't I be the hippest mom in the kindergarten line? oh yeah. Chloe actually likes it too! Prior to this, every damned time I got my hair cut, Miss Priss would pipe up with "Mom, you look like a boy!" and I'd be all thinkin to myself and shit "Well, you're Dad's gonna get some funny looks holding hands in the grocery store w/me huh?"



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