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11:11 a.m. - 2004-01-21
Lowe's sweet Lowe's
Mmmkay. So I've been 30 now for 5 whole days and so far... the sky is not caving in. Imagine that. I'm not suddenly sprouting any ear hairs and my eyes have the exact same number of 'character' lines around them as they did when I was 29. So what the fuck eh?

I'm in the mood to redecorate something! If I could just hurry and get to the weekend, I could paint or retile or recaulk or all of those really exciting things I love to do. For my birthday and Christmas I got tons of giftcards to a large home improvement store. (Lowe's) Anyways, Sunday I roll up in their like a pimp with my big fat wad of gift cards, feeling all magnanimous and shit because I AM SHOPPING FOR HOME STUFF!!! Yeah! whoo hoo!!! The swish of those automatic doors as I stepped in. The warm, bright fluorescent lighting beckoning me further and further into the store. I could smell paint. Lumber. The aisles and endless aisles of shiny new lighting fixtures, and carpeting, and ceramic tiles, and bathroom sinks, and hardwood flooring, and those little halogen recessed lighting kits. OH GOD, I LOVE THIS STORE!!! So, I shopped. I spent. I looked. I shopped some more. Man, I looked until my eyes hurt and my husband and daughter had called the cell three times asking me where the fuck I was. and I STILL SHOPPED! I'm totally addicted. I think I'll probably sneak away on my lunch hour for a nooner with the kitchen fixtures aisle.



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